Welcome to the online store of cookbooks, gifts, tableware and branded clothing by Yevhen Klopotenko. We have a great goal: to strengthen Ukrainian culture and give Ukrainians more confidence in themselves as a nation. We do this through Ukrainian products. Which are exactly what you can find in our online store. The way it works is simple: you know about your heritage, love it, live with it, and feel your self. Because you know where you started and what is your base. We are ready to move the world of culinary flavors to a new level! Drohobych smoked salt, natural Ukrainian spices, wheat, unusual sauces, high-quality kitchen boards, eco-bags, branded T-shirts, author’s books, gift sets for true connoisseurs and much more – so that everyone knows about your gastronomic passion.

“You will cook more deliciously and go even more crazy about food.

And for more motivation, I will sign a book for you.”


With Ukraine in their hearts, Yevhen Klopotenko and the team